DIY Warehouse Wedding ⌁ Ash & Jason

What happens when you get two lovebirds that work in events that build, furnish, decorate and light an entire wedding party in an empty warehouse? This!


Ash and Jason met at work at the State Theatre of Western Australia. They put this entire wedding together, Jason built the bar and arbour from drawings Ash drew up, and fitted out Friday’s Studio – a photographic warehouse studio in Leederville. The results came out so beautifully moody, romantic yet industrial – you can see how much love and energy they put into this day which is my absolute favourite thing about DIY weddings.

I LOVE couples that do what they want to do on their wedding day – Jason declared early on in planning that he wasn’t going to wear shoes and wear a bright velvet jacket. Ash customised her wedding dress from a NIGHT GOWN. You don’t have to go to a bridal store, or do what other people are doing, or even stick to the same gender in your bridal party (special shout-out to the best lady who suited up so well)!

From the spectacular rainbow that popped out during our photo session (and a bloke who handed over a two-dollar “end of the rainbow” gold coin to us), to skipping rocks together on the Swan River, to all the laughter and tears on the day- here are the highlights of the day.



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