Great Ocean Rd Destination Session ⌁ Sophie & Anthony

What a destination. Since moving to Melbourne I had the biggest urge to drive down Great Ocean Rd to see the Twelve Apostles. I went on an adventure and then I discovered this beautiful section of coastline down at Gibson Steps, and begged these lovers to come down here. I still dream of shooting an elopement here one day!

I’m so grateful to have such beautiful friends and being able to document these moments. I even put my camera down at the end of the shoot saying we’re done, but they continued embracing, which is what you can see in the last quarter of this set. Sophie and Anthony met in acting school but this is some of the most genuine, unstaged love I have witnessed. The photos tell it all.



What beautiful photos of you both. I love them. Such cherished moments in time caught forever on camera. Xxx



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